RealTransform® - The smart way of transformation!

Experienced consultants and project managers ensure that the transformation project is completed on time and within budget.

The transformation takes place along the customer's business process model.

An early prototypical mapping of business processes ensures that customer requirements can be validated as early as possible.
Wherever possible and appropriate, SAP Best Practices are used in the transformation.
Using SAP Solution Manager as a tool for the complete lifecycle of a transformation project - from process model to application management.
Establishing change management as early as possible in order to prepare and actively control the change process.
A tried and tested key user concept ensures contact in and know-how transfer from the specialist departments.
A clearly defined and structured transformation roadmap ensures the smoothest possible project execution.

Senior team experienced in trade

Our consulting team has been involved in the implementation of SAP solutions for the retail industry for many years. We therefore know the retail processes inside out and supported SAP in the design of important functionalities in SAP Retail as part of a strategic development project.

No transformation without business processes!

The goal of a transformation is not to introduce an SAP solution X or Y. Isn't it more about being able to implement innovative business processes - no matter which IT solution is used? Then "scoping" and defining the business processes to be implemented is a central task.

No more unnecessary paper waste!

Hand on heart: no one reads "Business Blueprints" or generally understandable "target concepts", which have 400 pages and more. It is therefore the same as with the printer drivers from the late 80s: "WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get!

Per individuality, but also per standard

Every company has its distinguishing features, things that distinguish it from the competition. In retail, these "USPs" are usually located in the merchandise management processes and here the use of "best practices" for transformation makes little sense. This is quite different with the supporting functions, such as FI-CO. We ensure the necessary balance here.

The SAP Solution Manager - misunderstood by many!

In the 15 years of its existence, SAP Solution Manager has developed in such a way that there is no way around it. Process and test management, change management, operational system operation, business process monitoring - we believe in the performance of this tool and use it with our customers.

Change Management is more than end-user training

If there is one topic that many customers unfortunately treat too neglectfully, then it is the so-called "Organisational Change Management". We understand it more as preparation for training shortly before the GoLive. And the fact that many projects fail due to a lack of change management should no longer be a secret.

From the person concerned to the person involved

How can you get employees excited about new things? By giving them a role in the transformation. The key user concept is an excellent way of doing this. An SAP transformation has already been the start of a new career challenge for many employees.

So that you arrive safely at your destination

Our "transformation roadmap" ensures that the goals associated with transformation are achieved.

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